Iowa Adoption Attorney, David A. Grooters

Adoption is a judicial proceeding that transfers all rights and responsibilities of the biological parents one or more adoptive parents. Adoption allows parents to grow their family and provide a loving environment for a child.

If you are thinking about adoption in Iowa, contact Iowa adoption attorney David A. Grooters, Attorney at Law, who practices with the Iowa law firm of Pappajohn, Shriver, Eide & Nielsen, P.C. Adopting a child will certainly be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. David has experience in the area of adoption and will help ensure that unexpected legal details don’t derail the process.

Persons desiring adoption have many choices:


  • Adoptions may happen at the international, interstate, or local level.
  • Adoptions can be facilitated by a licensed agency or by private placement.
  • Relatives, step-parents and foster parents commonly adopt.
  • Governments may provide subsidies and/or financial assistance to persons wanting to adopt, especially in cases of older or special needs children.
  • Adoptions may be open, where the adoptive parents know the identity of the birth parents (and vice versa) or closed, where neither party is aware of the identity of the other.

Adoptions may occur through methods of assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy, a gestational carrier or IVF. Since stringent rules about “traditional families” have lessened in recent years, adoptions may now be an option for single persons, unmarried couples and same-sex (GLBT) couples wanting to build their family.

The Complexities of Adoption

Complex issues may arise during the adoption process. There are regulations that govern adoptions and related proceedings. Adoptions may involve the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) or the Hague Convention. Associated issues include the termination of parental rights (TPR) proceedings, filing notice on the Iowa Paternity Registry, and the possibility of adoption subsidies. In addition, an adoptee may be seeking the identity of his/her birth parents or clients may face complications arising from media exposure. David has experience handling these complex adoption-related issues, and can compassionately and skillfully guide you through the process.

Representing Biological and Adoptive Parents

Both birth parents and adoptive parents may need representation and counseling during the adoption process. Additionally, any child in a termination of parental rights proceeding is required to have an attorney appointed in order to represent his or her best interests. There are also specific rules regarding the types of payments a birth mother may receive from adoptive parents.

Contact an Experienced Adoption Attorney

As an experienced adoption attorney, David is committed to offering quality legal services to adoptive and biological parents. Get the professional, knowledgeable help you need to ensure your child adoption goes smoothly. Please contact David to schedule an initial consultation.

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