How to Become a Foster Parent and/or Adoptive Placement

It’s hard to believe that more than 400,000 children in the U.S. are part of the national foster care system and more than 23,000 of those individuals age out of the system each year. There is a constant need for foster homes/parents in the State of Iowa. Many of these foster placements turn into “adoptive placements” when/if children involved in the juvenile court system cannot be safely returned home. Interested families who have been unsuccessful with or who cannot afford private adoption often turn to the DHS/foster system for options.

Have you ever wondered where to begin? In Iowa, a group called Iowa KidsNet is the entity that recruits, trains, licenses and supports families to foster and adopt Iowa children. Their website can be found here. There are eight steps to becoming an Iowa-licensed foster home as follows:

1. Inquire online by filling out this page
2. Scheduling your information session
3. Complete your paperwork and information session
4. Iowa KidsNet processes your application
5. Complete PS-MAPP Training classes (10 weeks)
6. Iowa KidsNet completes your home study
7. DHS approves you as an adoptive home or issues you a foster care license
8. Iowa KidsNet sends you a welcome packet with information about your support specialist and your new journey as a resource family.

Check out this website for more information.

As an adoption attorney and advocate, I want to be there to assist you through every step of this process. Please contact me at anytime with questions or to help you get started!